Basic information about a medical organization


City Clinical Hospital  No. 8  in Ivanovo is a specialized institution that provides outpatient and inpatient medical care to women in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

The hospital was founded in 1974, and in 1982 it acquired the status of a specialized gynecological clinic and has been successfully working in this area for more than 40 years.

The clinic carries out all types of surgical interventions in the treatment of gynecological pathology, including endoscopic methods, as well as reconstructive plastic surgery for female genital prolapse.

The well-being of our patients, maintaining and improving their reproductive health is the main task of our work.

Paid medical services to foreign citizens are rendered according to the price list.



* The procedure for rendering medical assistance to foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation is determined by the State Decree of the Russian Federation dated March 6, 2013 N 186 «On Approval of the Rules for rendering medical assistance to foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation»


Emergency medical care for sudden acute diseases, conditions, exacerbation of chronic diseases that pose a threat to the patient’s life, is provided to foreign citizens free of charge.


Foreign citizens with Russian compulsory medical insurance as stated by the Federal Law «On Compulsory Medical Insurance in the Russian Federation» are entitled to get free medical care in urgent and planned form according to the compulsory medical insurance program.

In all other cases, YOU PAY for medical services obtained:

  • as a private individual — you pay for medical services on your own.
  • as an employee of a legal entity or if a legal entity is ready to pay for your treatment — Your company or another legal entity, that is ready to make an agreement with City Clinical Hospital  No. 8, signs up a contract with us and pays for your treatment. The actual provision of paid medical services is carried out under the terms of the contract (if there is a list of services in the contract), or if there is a letter of guarantee from the legal entity.

You can contact the registry of paid medical services  City Clinical Hospital  No. 8 by phone or in person and sign up for a medical service at a convenient time and date.

In case of applying for medical care in the hospital, the possibility and conditions of hospitalization are discussed during an in-person consultation with the doctor of the admission department. A preliminary approximate calculation of the cost of the proposed treatment is made, and a referral for hospitalization is drawn up. After that, the patient is sent to the paid services registry to sign an agreement for the provision of services and payment.

For hospitalization, the following patient information must be sent:

- name of the patient, date of birth, citizenship;

- the purpose of hospitalization (examination, surgery, department profile, etc.);

- medical documents: extracts from the medical history, the results of the examinations in the form of files attached to the letter (photos, scans);

- contact details of the patient and / or proxy (phone number, email address).

Information should be sent to

In the subject line indicate the name of the patient.

After consultation with a specialist, a preliminary treatment plan is drawn up.

After agreeing the amount of the contract with the Customer, the date of hospitalization will be determined.

* Disputes related to the provision of medical assistance or late payment of invoices for actually rendered medical assistance are resolved in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation. If an international agreement with the Russian Federation establishes a different procedure for rendering medical assistance to foreign citizens, the rules of the international agreement apply.


Address: 4 Stankostroiteley st., Ivanovo , Ivanovo region, 153032


Рhone:+7 (4932) 23-49-00

Front office of the chief doctor M.A. Gryaznova, phone: 8 (4932) 23 45 11